In the years since it was first discovered, the number of applications for deep learning has increased significantly and now includes automatic speech recognition, recommendation systems, NLP, financial fraud detection, and much more. With so many applications and uses, it’s essential to have a strong foundation in this topic, making deep learning training a must-have.

On February 6th, 2022, Ai+ Training is launching its second certification course, the Deep Learning Bootcamp, with Dr. Jon Krohn, acclaimed instructor and bestselling author of Deep Learning Illustrated. Over the course of six weeks, Dr. Krohn will introduce you to deep learning networks through interactive examples featuring TensorFlow 2, Keras, and PyTorch. By the end of this certification course, you will be empowered to build production-ready deep learning applications across all contemporary families. Check out the individual classes below: 

Class 1: How Deep Learning Works

During the first class, you will cover two topics: The Unreasonable Effectiveness of Deep Learning and Essential Neural Network Theory. You will learn about the rise of deep learning, several of its applications, and the math knowledge you will need. 

Class 2: Building and Training a Deep Learning Network

The second week will take you through Essential Deep Learning Theory and Deep Learning with Keras, TensorFlow’s High-Level API. Some of the topics you will cover include Stochastic Gradient Descent, Learning Rate, Data Augmentation, and Tuning Model Hyperparameters. 

Class 3: Machine Vision and Creativity

In week three, you will be introduced to deep learning for machine vision, CNNs, and GANs. In particular, you will see how CNNs work in practice with Keras. 

Class 4: Natural Language Processing

Week 4 will be all about Natural Language Processing, covering everything from an introduction to deep learning for NLP to vector-based representations vs one-hot encodings. You will also learn about recurrent and advanced neural networks. 

Class 5: Deep Reinforcement Learning and AI

Week 5 takes you through The Foundations of Artificial Intelligence, Deep Q-Learning Networks, and Advanced Agents. You will cover topics from applications of deep reinforcement learning to the actor-critic algorithm. 

Class 6: PyTorch and Beyond

Week 6 will wrap up the certification course with a look at deep learning with PyTorch and suggestions on how you can utilize this knowledge going forward. 

There are many ways you can engage in this certification course. You can pick and choose individual courses to take, register for all six weeks, or sign up for an Annual Premium subscription to Ai+ Training and get access to the Deep Learning Bootcamp for free. Check out your options here and get ready to take a deep dive into deep learning.